Goat Meme

What is This?

Goatme.me is a stupid idea that turned into a real thing.

It's both a website about goat memes, and an API to serve the goat memes in whatever format you need them.

Key Features

You can create as many goat memes as you want. If you want to vote on the goat memes, you'll need to login so I can keep track of the votes. There's no registration or email verification or anything; I use some common OAuth providers and don't store anything sensitive about you on my servers.

I use a few open source algorithms from Reddit to sort the memes.


The API is really simple. Just change the extension in the URL of the goat meme page you're interested in.

For example, all of these URLs work for the same meme:

You can also add height and width parameters to the image urls:

If you want to maintain aspect ratio when specifying both a height and width, set the set the `a` parameter; otherwise the image could be distorted:


You have to login if you want to vote on memes.